Guardians of the Galaxy

Remember in Guardians of the Galaxy, “I am Groot.” That’s all he can say!

Everyone loves the movie The Guardians of the Galaxy, the cute monster named Groot, actually, that is my favorite character so far. He is so tall, he’s full of strength but also, he is kinda dork and kinda cute. “I am Groot.” That’s all the sentence he can say. Love it or not, the movie is literally a success! The original Guardians of the Galaxy are a superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Guardians first appear in Marvel Super-Heroes. The Guardians are active in the 31st century in an alternate timeline of the Marvel Universe known as Earth-691. The original members of the team include Major Vance Astro.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Although Quill escapes with the orb, Yondu discovers his theft and issues a bounty for his capture, while Ronan sends the assassin Gamora after the orb. The Ravagers and Quill’s group join with the Nova Corps to confront the Dark Aster at Xander, with Quill’s group breaching the Dark Aster with the Milano damaged Dark Aster crash-lands on Xander, with Groot sacrificing himself to shield the group.

Gamora fights and defeats Nebula, who then escapes, but the group finds themselves outmatched by Ronan’s power until Rocket crashes a Ravager ship through the Dark Aster. Check out this custom costumes for men, our costumes, Any color you prefer, we have them! Get it now on our website, click the bottom links, and you will found one that suits you perfectly.

Guardians of the Galaxy costumes

Ronan emerges from the wreck and prepares to destroy Xandar, but Quill distracts him, allowing Drax and Rocket to destroy Ronan’s Warhammer. See the cool costumes here? Our printing technology is amazing, we have more than 6 years experience, we are the master of making a custom costume. super comfortable, super wearable, the best choice to consider it as a gift to your family and friends.

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